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Former Glasgow sludge-carrier now officially a passenger ship

In the week that Glasgow is celebrating hosting the Commonwealth Games, one of Southampton’s great heritage assets with its own Glasgow roots and connections is having reason to celebrate too. The SS Shieldhall, moored at Berth 48 in the Eastern Docks, has officially been recognised as a passenger ship, some 59 years after coming into […]

Hunt begins for Southampton’s wildlife

Budding naturalists of all ages are being invited to join plant and animal experts to help identify the wildlife found around the University of Southampton’s Highfield Campus, during Southampton’s first BioBlitz. The intensive wildlife survey, which takes place on Friday 13 and Saturday 14 June, will see local people join wildlife groups and university scientists […]

University consortium receives funding to develop state-of-the-art communication network

The University of Southampton is part of a consortium that has been awarded £2.5 million to develop a national infrastructure that will allow experimentation on future internet technologies. The UK Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) has provided the funding for a new National Dark Fibre Infrastructure Service (NDFIS), which will enable the University’s researchers to […]

Southampton Professor wins prestigious award

Professor Cyrus Cooper of the University of Southampton has been awarded The 2014 ESCEO-IOF Servier Pierre D. Delmas Prize for his distinguished body of work in the epidemiology of musculoskeletal disorders. Presented at the opening of the World Congress on Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases in Seville, Spain, the prestigious annual prize honours an outstanding […]

Global launch of online Masters degree in English Language Teaching

An online Masters degree in English Language Teaching is being launched worldwide thanks to a collaboration between the University of Southampton and the British Council. Combining the University of Southampton’s reputation as a leading UK institution with the British Council’s expertise in English language teaching and for promoting quality UK higher education on a global […]

Diesel exhaust stops honeybees from finding the flowers they want to forage

Exposure to common air pollutants found in diesel exhaust pollution can affect the ability of honeybees to recognise floral odours, new University of Southampton research shows. Honeybees use floral odours to help locate, identify and recognise the flowers from which they forage. The Southampton team, led by Dr Tracey Newman and Professor Guy Poppy, found […]

Dinosaur wind tunnel test provides new insight into the evolution of bird flight

A study into the aerodynamic performance of feathered dinosaurs, by scientists from the University of Southampton, has provided new insight into the evolution of bird flight. In recent years, new fossil discoveries have changed our view of the early evolution of birds and, more critically, their powers of flight. We now know about a number […]

UK’s largest photonics and electronics centre to launch in Southampton

The University of Southampton is launching the largest photonics and electronics institute in the UK on Thursday 12 September. The new Zepler Institute is a unique multidisciplinary research centre that brings together world-leading expertise in photonics, advanced materials, quantum technologies and nanoscience. The Institute will build on the University’s pioneering discoveries in photonics and electronics […]

25th anniversary ‘In Preservation’ celebrated in style on SS Shieldhall

The history of SS Shieldhall, now based at Berth 48, Eastern Docks, Southampton, is well documented. Originally serving as a ‘Clyde Banana Boat’ carrying a cargo of treated sludge, she was sold in 1977 to fulfil a similar role for Southern Water, but was withdrawn in 1985 and laid up pending disposal and possible scrapping. The Southampton University Industrial […]

National Chemical Landmark blue plaque for Southampton University

The University of Southampton’s Chemistry department has been awarded a National Chemical Landmark blue plaque by the Royal Society of Chemistry, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the discovery of a technique that has revolutionised science. The technique is now used for detecting tiny quantities of molecules, in situations from crime scene forensic analysis, to drug […]