Southampton student to take part in eco-challenge to drive the length of Britain

Lewis Morgan, an Engineering Science student from the University of Southampton, is taking part in a non-stop driving challenge across the length of Britain, in a bid to be crowned one of the nation’s most economical driver.

He will compete in the 1,701 mile Formula Student Diesel Eco Driving Challenge against teams from universities across the UK. The car will be a Ford Fiesta, powered by a 1.5-litre TDCi diesel engine, which uses Bosch common rail diesel injectors and a high-pressure Bosch fuel pump.

The race takes in 46 universities with a team from each driving a leg of the race. Their eco-driving ability will be measured by on-board computers, before the vehicle is passed on to the next team when they reach the next university.

Distances between universities will range from three miles to over 100 miles, but each team will be monitored equally.

Lewis, who will be driving the longest stretch of the route on Tuesday 18 June between Southampton and Exeter – 112 miles, says: “We’ve been researching the best way of driving economically. It means no heavy braking and careful acceleration. We will be practising ahead of the day of the challenge.”

The inaugural three-day race started at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in Westminster at 11am on Tuesday 18 June. It finishes at Aberdeen University on Thursday 21 June.

The University of Southampton team set off from the University’s Highfield Campus at 11.30pm.

Prizes for best city, rural and highway driving will be awarded at the Formula Student competition at Silverstone.