A brand new experience on Steamship Shieldhall for 2019

Southampton’s heritage steamship, Steamship Shieldhall, has always been well-known for its ‘access all areas’ approach, whereby guests on its cruises are welcome to visit the Engine Room, Boiler Room and Bridge and admire her 1950s technology and apparatus.

Now the ship’s volunteers are offering the opportunity to get even more involved, by offering ‘Steam Experience’ – a unique opportunity to help raise steam and take Shieldhall out to sea during her programme of summer cruises.

The 1 Day ‘Silver’ ticket experience (£299) and 2 Day ‘Golden’ ticket experience (£499) are available on selected dates during the 2019 sailing season, with numbers capped at 4 persons per experience so that the hands-on nature of the experience can be maximised.

Shieldhall’s Chief Engineers Graham Mackenzie and Graham Martin are looking forward to welcoming participants, and they promise an entertaining and educative time on board: “Our guests will enjoy a full hands-on experience on a wide variety of steam engines. Shieldhall has twenty engines ranging from one to eight hundred horsepower, single cylinder to twin Triple Expansion, all powered by two Scotch boilers. We will cover safety practices aboard Shieldhall; the production and utilisation of steam through Shieldhall’s boilers and engines, together with preparation of all auxiliaries with the raising of steam. There will be time spent at sea with opportunities to operate all engine and boilers under supervision, and a spell at the wheel on the Bridge.

“Membership of the Solent Steam Packet – the charity that operates Shieldhall – is also included for one year. We hope the experience whets people’s appetites and that they return to Shieldhall or perhaps volunteer as future crew!”