MEDITE SMARTPLY Garden by Sarah Eberle

Photos of Chelsea Flower Show 2022

In pictures – RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2022

New designer-led garden collections for your home

Soto is an exciting new concept delivering garden collections to your door.

Beltain 2022 at Butser Ancient Farm

Photos of Beltain 2022 at Butser Ancient Farm

The annual Beltain celebrations at Butser Ancient farm mark the moving of the seasons from spring to summer. Wishes are written on scrolls of paper and added to the wickerman (an Iron Age warrior this year) which is set on fire at the end of an evening of music, crafts, dance and more.

Scimitar-horned oryx

Royal seal of approval for Marwell

commitments with a coveted award.

SS Shieldhall

Steamship Shieldhall announces cruise into Portsmouth Harbour

For the first time in many years, Southampton’s heritage steamship SS Shieldhall will be visiting Portsmouth Harbour, home to the Royal Navy

Green Tiger Beetle

First Green Tiger Beetles bred in captivity emerge as adults

Fourteen Green Tiger Beetles have emerged as adults, following the first successful captive breeding project for the species. This is part of a wider conservation project for rare beetles run by Sparsholt College and the Species Recovery Trust.

BRICKOSAURS! Evolution at Marwell

Photos of BRICKOSAURS! Evolution

BRICKOSAURS! Evolution at Marwell Zoo is on until 4 September 2022. 55 prehistoric creatures made from over 2 million toy bricks. Read more about the sculptures.

Saxon house

Unique reconstruction of Anglo-Saxon Hall House opens in Hampshire

Built using experimental archaeology and traditional Anglo Saxon building techniques – A unique reconstruction of a traditional Anglo-Saxon Hall house, based on Archaeological remains from Chalton, Hampshire,

Portsmouth port solar

Innovative solar panel project begins at Portsmouth International Port

The installation of a ground-breaking solar and battery system is underway at Portsmouth International Port, managed by Portsmouth City Council’s in-house energy services team. The project began in February 2022 and will incorporate roof-mounted solar panels across a number of buildings, a large battery and solar canopies. The installation of a ground-breaking solar and battery […]

Royal Navy to march ‘with fixed bayonets and colours flying’

Freedom of the City parade to take place on Friday 11 March