Conan Doyle celebrated in special lecture series

Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts will be able to attend a free, online lecture series, hosted by Portsmouth City Council.

The lecture series, which commemorates Professor Neil McCaw’s dedication to the Conan Doyle Collection, will enable people to learn more about these famous and popular works, whether they are fans, authors or academics.

Neil McCaw, Professor of Victorian Literature and Culture at Winchester University, passed away last year. He became involved in the Conan Doyle Collection in 2005 and went on to give wider academic talks about it globally. Some of his valuable work included writing and producing a facsimile for The Adventure of the Creeping Man and then later on curating the You Don’t Know Sherlock Holmes, Yet exhibition.

Cllr Ben Dowling, Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure & Economic Development said, “Professor Neil McCaw was a true advocate for the Conan Doyle Collection and his expert knowledge and advice has given it such a fantastic legacy.

As a city, we feel proud that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle lived and worked in Portsmouth and I really hope people take advantage of this opportunity; to learn more about this world class collection.”

The talks will run on 27 May, 3 June, 10 June and 17 June.

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