Glow Marwell

Marwell’s majestic grounds have turned into a twinkling wonderland full of fairy lights, magic and delight.

Glow Marwell invites guests to explore the zoo in a whole new light with more than 250,000 LED bulbs making up the wonderful illuminations.

Full of gently glowing displays and spots for reflection, the light event promises an uplifting evening of festive delights.

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There are a number of interactive displays including fantastic glowing moon chairs lit in gently glowing hues of pink, green, white, blue, red, and yellow.

Glow Marwell is one of the first events in the UK to have light up moon chairs and they’re sure to light up your night!

Along the route is winter warming catering with plenty of seasonal treats including marshmallow toasting around cosy fire pits.

The incredibly special, after dark event is set in the beautiful 140 acre park full of ancient trees, winding paths and, of course, Marwell Hall itself.

Roaming acts

There’s the fabulous Juggling Inferno ready to spellbind guests with their magnificent fire juggling performances.

You can also find the lovely Lightwalkers with their mesmerising multicolour swirl of costume and light.

These graceful performers will dazzle guests with beautifully lit dresses and towering height.

See the stunning Snow Lion walkabout, combining animated puppetry with mystery and majesty.

The Snow Lion will be accompanied by The Red Queen and is said to symbolise the light of human kindness in the depths of winter’s darkest days.

Have you ever wondered what a 7ft snow globe would look like? Check out the awesome Living Snow Globe.

Living Snow Globe

Complete with a button at the front that activates the snow, this beautiful roaming snow globe is sure to enchant children and adults alike with the ornately decorated Snow Queen inside.

A thick layer of snow covers the beautifully detailed winter wonderland inside which has sparkle and magic galore!

The Ghost Caribou will be twirling their way through a performance filled with song, shadow, music, and song.

Towering above the audience at more than 13ft tall, these impressive caribou are sure to immerse them in tales of lost homes, impossible migrations, and seeds of hope.

Part caribou, part spirit, these mystical creatures are said to roam a mythical world after dark, accompanied by a wild herdsperson.

The wonderful Winter Wonderland birds complete the lineup at 11ft tall! Their colour-changing feathers make a beautiful display.

Based on the “two calling birds” from the Twelve days of Christmas song, these stunning gentle birds are sure to be crowd-pleasers.

Accompanied by their own Snow Queen their glittering feathers and rainbow light effects are set to make them a Glow Marwell favourite.

Roaming acts will only be performing on premium nights, which can be identified by the ticket price of £18 per adult and £15 per child.

Event details

Event tickets start from £12 and need to be bought in advance via the zoo’s website.

During the event period the zoo will close to day guests at 4pm as normal and our Glow Marwell route, which loops around the front half of the zoo, will reopen at 5pm to those with event tickets.

To ensure the welfare of the animals, guests won’t be able to bring torches or lights of any kind with them.

The displays included in Glow Marwell event have all been carefully designed to ensure they don’t disturb the animals.

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