Photos of Equinox boat burn

An evening of entertainment on 18 September at Butser Ancient Farm celebrated the Autumn Equinox.

The event started with the mighty Viking hoard of Wuffa taking their chance to raid the lands of Butser Ancient Farm and oust the Anglo-Saxon war band Herigeas Hundas from their mead halls. With clashes of weapons, the warriors fought to the death.

After the battles, Nordic shamans Seidrblot took to the stage with their haunting melodies and hypnotic vocals to celebrate the Equinox and call in the new season of the year.

As dusk drew closer, the Pentacle Drummers led a procession to the ceremonial Viking boat which was lit by archers.

The sky was lit up with a spectacular burning, to bid goodbye to the long days of summer and welcome the wealth of the autumn harvest, in true Butser style.